We advise small and large firms in the creation of their art collection. Indeed, motivated by attractive taxations and a law on positive patronage, more and more leaders, particularly the pioneers American firms, take the plunge and start their own art collection.

We support you in the determination and clarification of the motivation and the finality of your collection, which will become a tool of internal and external communication about your identity.
Indeed, in addition to the tax benefits brought to your firm by the creation of an art collection, such investment could be linked to your communication strategy, your management politics, your social responsibility or your simple wish to support contemporary artistic creation. Often, those goals are equally represented even if at different scales in function of the selected format.

You could start by wishing to redecorate your offices, or improve the work atmosphere of your employees, they could even be associated in the process by choosing some artists or art pieces that would compose your selection.

However, inevitably your collection will bring a meaning to your public image, by communicating about your values, your innovating abilities, your commitment, your audacity … Your collection will have a huge impact on the perception that people have on your firm, its social influence and its importance in the society.

You will have the possibility to reinforce your immaterial capital, to maximize the monetary value of your collection by organizing special events dedicated to the presentation of the art work, by fabricating derivatives, special issues, …

We could opt for a philanthropic approach based on sponsoring with the creation of a Foundation and prices or engagements with the French and international artistic community.

If you wish to start your art collection, it is absolutely necessary to be assisted by a professional advisor who will be able to accompany you and offer every conditions necessary to your success. Numerous points have to be aimed and anticipated from the beginning in order to respect the basis of your project.

After one or numerous specialized meetings, in function of the ambition of your project, allowing to approach your motivations and objectives, we will establish a business plan to treat about every parameters implicated in your project, whether they are artistic, legal, fiscal, or budgetary. Then, we will determine the short term , mid-term, and long term milestones and the subject of the place of the exposition (offices, cultural spaces, foundation, …).

It is necessary to take step by step decisions in the matter, in order to determine precisely the scope, the area and the place of the future collection. Essential specifications to ensure its judicial form.