Private Collectors


You are a new or young collector

You want to start your own collection, but you do not dare to take the plunge ? Is there an artist that you want to support ? Choosing us to guide will allow you to create your own collection, with both serenity and security.

We will first take the time to listen to your project, to analyze your artistic tastes and your aspirations. Then, we will build together what will become YOUR collection, from the offer, the research, and the acquisition. We will adapt to your constraints whether financial or spatial, in order to create and structure a coherent and comprehensive collection, your collection.

Every collection is the outcome of desire and will. That’s the reason why, a collection will express who you are. To achieve that you will have to transcend fashion and the temptation to simply pile names to create something, something which will look like you, something which will be your self-portrait.

We offer you our knowledge and experience to determine with you the esthetic axis which will support your collection, and will allow you to expand it.


You are already a great collector

If you are already a connoisseur, but you do not have the necessary time to consecrate to the active search of one or numerous art pieces, we could do it for you.

The Art world is a world of insiders where the network is important. You absolutely have to be the first informed about the pieces that will be on the market. Indeed, in this world insider trading does not exist.


A customised approach based on four fundamental principles: independence, transparency, confidentiality and rigour.

We collaborate with a team of lawyers specialized in the art market, and tax experts that we solicit when it is necessary.