Institutions and local authorities

We work and collaborate with institutions as the government, local and regional authorities, counties (French département), and cities; on themes like culture and the support of youth creation of french and local contemporary art.

We also support cultural services of local and regional authorities in their implementation of a meaningful and coherent artistic program.

Over the years and thanks to her professional experience acquired with local authorities, members of parliament, and foundations of big firms’ representatives, Marianne DOLLO, was able to extend her field of expertise and has decided to offer it to numerous public institutions (cities, states’ agencies, museums, …)

Her actions alongside public institutions and her activities concerning Art are numerous: valorization and optimization of artistic sites, programming and definition of the cultural offer, events planning, enhancing of scenography, accompaniment of artistic lines.

We have the abilities to write bid solicitation or call for applications in as part of public orders.


Artists residencies

We propose and ensure the implementation of Artist residencies with and on behalf of our corporate and institutional clients. These residencies of artists concern more particularly entities in strong link with the territories, and / or the new business sectors of the economy such as the digital, the innovation, but also the C.S.E (Corporate Social Responsibility).

During his residency, the artist totally immersed in the welcoming structure has “carte blanche”. He is invited to question his work with regard to the history, the identity, the geography, the way of working and the social object of the entity he integrates. He must take into account in his process of creation and in his presentation, specificities as he has perceived, sometimes, in its physical aspects.

From variable durations, ranging from two months to two or even three years, these residencies are highly beneficial for the welcoming structures towards their image, their external communication, but also on the human and managerial parameters.