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Marianne à la Fondation Hoffmann à Berlin devant une œuvre de J. TuerlinckxYELLOW OVER PURPLE advises private collectors, companies and institutions in their approach of contemporary art. Founded by Marianne DOLLO, herself collector and art advisor, the company is committed to satisfy its clients expectations, by implementing a personal relationship of trust. With her sharp and free eyes, it will give a peculiarity, a taste, a spirit to your collection, while avoiding sheep-like academism thanks to aesthetic and visionary choices that best suit you.


The services of YELLOW OVER PURPLE will allow you to benefit from a vast knowledge of the world of the art market, privileged access to fairs, galleries and reputed contemporary artists’ art rooms, as well as high rank contacts among the most important museums of Paris.


Sculpture de Dietrich-Mohr et peinture de Matthieu Dorval dans un interieur parisien
Sculpture de Dietrich-Mohr et peinture de Matthieu Dorval dans un interieur parisien

10 golden rules to begin a collection of art

Hitherto reserved to an elite of connoisseurs of wealthy people, the art market has gradually opened up to a greater number and seems to be able to free itself from prejudices. However, for those interested, acquiring works of art, with the diversity of offer on the art market it not easy, and deserves some keys, even some fundamental rules. Key …

On the walls

Ren Hang
Ren Hang

Amazing Exhibition of Ren HANG – Maison Européenne de la Photographie

150 Great Photos of Young chinese prodige stucked 29 years old : Between Beauty and creativity, freedom and exhibitionism. In spite of his short life, the artist Ren Hang who suicided, has created a new genre of erotic photography. The retrospective devoted to him at the European House of Photography around 150 photos as beautiful as singular is an event …