Maude Maris photographed in her studio by Vincent Ferrane
Maude Maris photographed in her studio by Vincent Ferrane

Studio Visit of Maude Maris : a bi-dimensional painting between landscape and still life

Studio visit before her forthcoming Istanbul Artist Residency.
Maude describes her work as an architecture of emotion.

She has always the same creative process and begins by collecting and making casts of small found objects grouped info families.

After, she creates a mise en scene that she photographs. Then she paints it increasing its scale over 10 times, and changes the perception of the observer due to introduction of colors, perspectiv.

The original images become unrecognizable and obtain several new identities. Pastel colors, mix approach of antiquity, prehistory, modernity and inventivity, Maude’s field of creation and vocabulary evoke the universal question of origins of life shared by many artists and make a very attractive and personal vision of painting and sculpture cohabitation in the same space.

The creative process is conceived of here as a series of filters, which serve to create distance between the original objects and the final painting, and act in a manner analogous to – although quite different from – the mapping and modeling carried out by computer graphics systems.

Her semi-abstract compositions combine in unusual ways references to objects and architecture from both ancient cultures and contemporary civilizations. By fossilizing the present, she creates passages between the past and today. She simulates archaic worlds with her own objects, as fantasies of sculptures”.

Thank you and Bravo Maude Maris 💕💕

Maude Maris paintings are already in major collections : Artothèque de Caen; Musée des Beaux-arts de Rennes; Colas Fondation; FRAC Auvergne; FRAC Basse-Normandie and FRAC Haute-Normandie.