LONDON: Antony Gormley’s OFF-STANDARD Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art until December 3, 2019

In the footsteps of Ai Weiwei and Anselm Kiefer, British-born visual artist Antony Gormley invests the main galleries of the Royal Academy for our pleasure.

He offers us an absolutely extraordinary journey exploring the space, light and architecture of the museum. Creating surprise and wonder.

Known worldwide thanks to his shapes sculptures composed of rusty steel cubes, he explores here a much broader and subtle artistic field, with the same sensitivity.

Indeed, we find his favorite industrial materials including metal and steel, hand-beaten lead, but also more unusual mineral elements such as seawater and clay

It is also an opportunity to admire rarely seen early works, from the 70s and 80s. Some exceptional works of which we will keep the description to spare our astonishment, admiration and amusement.

Finally, and experimental and immersive installations for which the viewer becomes an actor, the most spectacular of which is Clearing VII, an immersive drawing in space, made from kilometers of intermixed and flexible metal wires. Like a labyrinth in which one has to find his own path.