Marianne visiting Mireille's studio
Marianne visiting Mireille's studio

Marianne visiting Mireille’s studio

As soon as you meet Mireille you are immediately seized by her duality, her deep blue eyes and her warm handshake: sweetness versus energy, vulnerability and strength, doubts and depth, focus versus escape. The way she looks up to you is fully connected with her intensive and meticulous painting work of image’s reproductions.

“Her subjects are often photographes she has taken by herself, Some of them are also depict the edges of the images represented with scratches and stains of paint. Sometimes there are fakes pieces used to reference the illusion and the process of reproducing the reproduction of the image. The photography is represented not as an image but as an object which has been placed upon a table or taped to a wall. In this aim, the purpose of Mireille’s painting is not an image but a physical surface, and in this way underlines the perfect autonomy of the painting in relation to its subject” Jean-Charles Vergne.

Very often, Mireille ‘s choice of kitsch imagery plays on the duplicity (old knickknacks, outdated clothing patterns, old-fashioned dishes like the painting “Guirlande”, seashells decoration…, she also takes trip down memory lane. She uses a textured and creamy surface to provide and prove that a painting is not an image but a surface which makes the painting independent of what it is about.

You can find the duality of her temper in her work. When she swings between familiar objects you can immediately recognize, and the unrecognisable and unknow, with the feeling not being sure of what you see.

In her studio, on a fresh, untouched canvas roughly cut out and attached to the wall, different sizes rectangles of fill with colors, mainly oil painting brushed, but sometimes enhanced with other additions incidental objects or matters.

Even more, canvas seem have been intentionally cut which thereby allowing the viewer to imagine the existence of an above, beyond, other, back, elsewhere : an invisible field.

Until now, Mireille worked with talent and fervor on small and medium size canvas, miniature paintings, so, let her invite us to visit her next soloshow set up by The Pill Gallery next spring in Istanbul to admire XXL canvas: Mark your calendars !

Finally, we warmly recommend you to read the wonderful art book : Mireille Blanc written by Jean-Charles Vergne and published by FRAC AUVERGNE for the “La sommation des Images “ – “ The summation of images “ Exhibition from June 30thto 23d Septembre 2018.

Before that, Go to the ” Centre d’art et Galerie municipale Jean-Collet à Vitre-Sur-Seine” to attend  to the  collectiv exhibition  “Inciser le temps” set up by  Alexandra Fau. From January 19th to 3d of March 2019

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