Ren Hang
Ren Hang

Amazing Exhibition of Ren HANG – Maison Européenne de la Photographie

150 Great Photos of Young chinese prodige stucked 29 years old : Between Beauty and creativity, freedom and exhibitionism.

In spite of his short life, the artist Ren Hang who suicided, has created a new genre of erotic photography. The retrospective devoted to him at the European House of Photography around 150 photos as beautiful as singular is an event not to be missed. “Clichés” capture by their erotic force.

This resolutely uninhibited power manages to transfigure these images that become soft or even innocent. The photo sessions orchestrated in his small apartment, however, had nothing improvised. As shown in the small video that is dedicated to his creative process.

He put in scene real models, androgynous young people, who were to lend themselves to the game of performance and human sculptures. His look is twofold: The chromatic approach, with glossy lipsticks, fluorescent nails falling in the glossy palette, contributes to the acidulous version of his work.

The darker part of his person, and his proximity to nature, express themselves on his night shots. Photographed with his little Minolta, the images question with audacity, originality and subversivity on the relation between identity and sexuality, or stillness and realism.