Karolina & Marianne
Karolina & Marianne

Visit of the young artist Karolina ORZELEK’s Studio : Between sensitivity, gentleness and determination

Karolina is a painter of nature, but not just any, the landscape of her childhood in Bielsko-Bala in southern Poland, or a recent trip to Iceland.

Color is the core of her compositions, small formats on poplar wood material she qualifies as “soft and suave”. Yellow or mauve skies, red fields, ocher forests: strange and yet familiar atmospheres, we let ourselves be rocked and captivated by its mysterious and enigmatic decorations devoid of characters.

Nevertheless, she says that she does not know how to talk about her painting, that she must be forgiven, but that she will answer, or will try to answer our questions.

However, “in real life” it only takes a few minute minutes to break this natural reserve, and to evoke with passion and without concession his work.

She puts a lot of herself into it, which is certainly the reason why she has a lot of trouble separating from her paintings. She often paint-touch up them even if they were declared finished, to modify a detail, like a small purple moon that has no place, a sky considered too smooth, or a varnish perceived as too bright …

To your agendas : From 14 November to 05 December 2019 for Karolina’s next solo show at the FJA (Fabourg Jeunes Artistes) 178, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris