Nathanaëlle et Marianne
Nathanaëlle et Marianne

Studio Visit : Nathanaëlle HERBELIN

Discovery of the work of the young Nathanaëlle HERBELIN: Talented Artist graduated of the Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2016.

Nathanaëlle grew up in a small village in the center of Israel, a land for which one feels her unwavering bonds. Sometimes borrow melancholy: in his desert landscapes.

Her creative strength is fertile, sometimes sweet, sometimes raw. Her sense of detail is sharp. The real is there. Yet, it seems missing from something or someone.

Her sources of inspiration are many: portraits of his friend (s) painters, the interiors of his different and successive places of life …

Her paintings arouse much interest and curiosity, and desire to listen to him explain when, how, why …

Represented by Galerie Jousse Entreprise she is preparing her next exhibition in September in New York and will continue with a residency in China.